Never Chew THIS Type of Gum

Never Chew This Type Of Gum

A lot of people wonder whether or not chewing gum is good for you and your health but the answer isn’t so black and white. There are pros and cons when it comes to chewing gum but the type of gum you’re chewing does matter.

A lot of gum out there does contain artificial sweeteners which can have some negative effects including gum damage, tooth decay, and even tooth erosion. Essentially, when you chew gum that has artificial sweeteners, you are allowing your mouth to be filled with sugar for a time which is never a good thing.

The lining of the mouth absorbs quickly so any artificial sweeteners are also being absorbed quickly if you chew gum. There is even evidence to suggest that chewing gum frequently can contribute to TMJ which causes the bones in the jaw to become unbalanced and can result in pain. Tooth deformities can also be an issue if you chew gum so frequently that those artificial sweeteners start to break down enamel.

Of course, cavities are also a concern if you’re chewing gum with sugar. It is a risk that you run that many are finding not worth it. Allowing artificial sweeteners to be quickly absorbed and surround your teeth and gum for a time is a concern for the health of your mouth and teeth. However, if you are only chewing sugar-free gum, you are eliminating a lot of those types of risks. There is even evidence to suggest that chewing sugar-free gum can eliminate plaque and actually keep your mouth cleaner.

The bottom line is, if you do want to chew gum, it is always a wiser choice to opt for sugar-free gum so you are not running the risk of cavities and other mouth issues. While chewing in itself prevents some risk, sugar-free gum is always the safer bet, especially in the long run.


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