4 Disturbing Signs Of An Unhealthy Heart

Sleep & Snoring

Snoring and Sleep apnea are both signs of heart disease. Because they both cause interruptions in breathing, they cause extra stress on the heart. In most cases snoring is just annoying and loud, but if it causes disruption in your breathing for moments at a time, then it can be directly linked to heart disease. Sleep apnea varies in severity; it can cause inconsistencies in breathing and wakes you up gasping for air. If it is in the form of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a disorder which is directly correlated with obesity, it is caused by weight pressing down on the chest, obstructing air flow.

Sexual Function

Issues regarding sexual function are considered an early sign of heart problems. The issue is caused by a lack of proper blood flow to the genitals. This presents itself differently for men and women. In women it can result in a lack of interest in sex, dissatisfaction in sexual encounters, and a decrease in the frequency of sex. In men, it also includes erectile dysfunction.

Puffy Legs & Feet

A lack of proper blood flow to the legs and feet can cause localized swelling. This is most noticeable at the end of the day because gravity causes the blood to pool in the lower extremeties over the course of the day. When blood pools in the legs and feet it can lead to clots forming, which can block bloodflow to the heart.

Persistent Cough

A persistent cough can be a symptom of a cold and bronchitis. But if it does not go away over time, it can mean there is fluid building up in the lungs. This means that the heart is not pumping effectively, a sign of congestive heart failure. An increase in fluid pressure in the vessels of the lungs can be caused by a backup of blood in the veins that take blood through the lungs.

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